Renewing Faith for Oneself

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It’s not so much about selling books and of course I want to share my message with everyone who may want to. My goal is to have people – women in particular – to feel good about themselves. My desire is for everyone to have this built-in faith and renewal of feeling the confidence that brings love, peace, change, as well as resilience.

I’ve discovered that the media and the world-at-large have portrayed this image that we all have to be thin, we all have to have a slender appearance. God made us all different in that we are thin, heavy, obese and we are divine human beings who desire to be loved unconditionally.

Humanity at times are being brainwashed by the television broadcasting bombarding us and telling us what we should eat, which medicines we should take and more. As I understand it, we don’t need any of it. If we need some information for our health or other, we can find it very well without having to look at the millions of advertisements which are there to sell us, at times, things we don’t need.

Tell me? Who doesn’t want to be loved? Comparisons make us feel competitive instead of cooperative, which in turn makes us feel less confident when we can give ourselves the love we ourselves deserve and the first one to give us love, is oneself.

By making comparisons with others of riches and gains, body image, color of skin, as well as hair color and all things of this sort, we are separating a humanity that wants to be truly and sincerely inclusive. We want to live by our hearts and many of us are outwardly directed. Until we become inwardly directed – and I mean the whole world – we will continue to experience violence, conflict and all the atrocities which are happening worldwide. When we are in our hearts, we are at peace, in love with the world and the universe, in a blessed space and when we are there, in the here and now we become enlightened, at peace and have no major qualms. It is the way of God, Higher Power or whatever you may call this awesome space which we live in.

Be well because I am.

With gratitude,

Coty Benrimoj

Author, Poet, Writer and Motivational Speaker

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