Truth Be Known

Pure and clandestine are we

Be it as it may, that is

Beneath all that is good and true

Will we become more reasonable with our fate?

Or shall we resign in our task?

Withering away quietly

Let’s be aligned with our truth

Sublimely and in consequence with our time

Let’s manifest our true desires

Before resigning on our own behalf

Of clandestine and superfluous wants

Ring true to yourself will you?

Abate yourself of all flaws

Please endure and renew

Your life’s course with love all anew

Be well because I am

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  • Clsra Alexander

    Love it…❤
    Espero que esteis bien, un fuerte abrazo y un besazo para todos.?
    I have some wonderful memories of when we were children, and I used to come and play with you and your sister Rica.
    Love what you do!x

    • Coty Benrimoj

      Hi Clara, I have wonderful memories from childhood with you as well! Thank you so much for your comment here on the site. I hope you’re all settled in England with your daughter and grandchild. Sending a big hug to you, too!

  • Sonia

    Always evolving, you create all the time and that is necessary to make others think, whether you do it with prose writing, poetry, quotes, showing your positive ways of life, your attitude, your responses, you can teach without realizing, you can influence without being egotistic, you can make people, smile and laugh, what more can one ask of in life? Happiness is a matter of choice, you have chosen it…God bless xx

    • Coty Benrimoj

      Sonia, this comment truly touched me. It is so gratifying to share these poems, especially with people who truly understand them, like you. Being an author and poet yourself, your words mean that much more to me. Please feel free to share a poem of your own here on the site. Thank you and God bless you too! xx

  • Ena

    Wonderful!! You are inspirational and talented!! Love you!! xxx

    • Coty Benrimoj

      Thank you so much Ena! Your feedback means a lot to me. Sending love to you as well. XXX