Negativity Doesn’t Impress Me

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My goal in life is to support others in their goals and dreams. To hear them, acknowledge them as well as understand what they are going through.

These days, a lot of unnecessary negative communication surrounds us. Even the media does not allow for much positivity and the public I talk to seem to believe that most of us prefer and enjoy, violence, negativity and things that make us feel unhappy in our daily lives. There are those people who enjoy these topics and I do not. On the contrary, most people love and want to be loved in return and make others feel good about themselves. Why? Because unconsciously we might not know it, we need this acceptance and love. I may be “speaking to the choir” or rather writing to those of you who already know. I prefer to remind you of it because repetition is how we learn best.

Do you remember when we were in 3rd grade? How many times did we have to repeat the multiplication table? Well, some of us need more repetition. The idea is to learn what we need to learn. Employ our learning for the good of others. Repeating the same lessons with different depiction and using “what we got” – which is a lot, and support our fellow beings to be in their truth and to learn self-discipline so that they may endure the life which continuously challenges us without relenting.

New quote: “I personally do not allow negativity to influence my thinking process. Negative influence wherever it may appear does not and will not impress me”.

We are the owner of our thoughts and we can control our thoughts. If we persevere we can do it and do it we will if we choose to.

Through his discipline, Daniel became strong in mind and body. Daniel 1:15-17 It is written in the Old Testament. I have been observant of many quotes in the Bible because it makes sense. I enjoy reading my book of psalms as well, especially Psalm 23.

A preacher I am not. I do love to do the right thing and that which allows me to recognize the appropriate behavior as well as action. Most of us behave in a way, which is not conducive of harmony, yet we do not realize it. Others may be able to detect other people’s undesirable behaviors and actions and what they are unconscious about is their own behaviors and actions and how these present challenges and undesirable feelings in others. I say that we need to be more aware of our own behaviors as well as our actions so that we may work on them to become who we are not right now, a better form of ourselves.

I conclude, because I dismiss negative influence and negate it to intervene in my placid and peaceful mind, it does not overcome me and do not accept it to halt me in my goals and dreams. Self-discipline is crucial to attain the state of mind, which allows this process to succeed.

Be well because I am.


Coty Benrimoj

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