Transformation Is Possible

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As we may know, the ability to transform is innately decided by our own spirit. When we realize that we need to adapt and change, we are then capable to do so. Once the decision is made we can continue our journey and control to master our own minds for our benefit.

Because incessant thoughts come to us which we may be bombarded with, one way we may address them is by completely ignoring them and stopping them in their tracks. Hence, it’s like extinguishing a fire. This effort needs to be developed and held by strongly and when we discipline our minds in this way we shall master the process by which our transformation begins.

Imagine having control over oneself, our decisions, our very own thoughts and especially our disciplined mind!

Discipline is essential in our daily lives. I’ve heard many individuals talk about how hard it is for them to decide important and unimportant matters, including trivial ones. When it comes down to it, we hold the answer to all that we wish to accede to. We and only we, myself and I, can and will become responsible in maintaining a strong front for ourselves. We and only we, can and will be the master of our minds if we so wish.

Live and flow. In daily living and flowing with what comes to us, we acknowledge our Divine essence. When we ignore our intuition and our innate desires we are without. We are then without the understanding that we were born to live and become that which is our purpose, a purpose to transform into our potential to fulfill this, our life’s purpose.

Begin to acknowledge only those thoughts which create harmony, lightness and love. Accept what rings true to you and what defines you as a unique individual. Bring forth self-love and accept it with all your might. When the desire to transform emerges, even if it’s a small change it is imperative that we move towards this small or minute disciplined action and instill in ourselves why it’s important to us to make this certain change. It could be a change of heart, a change of lifestyle, a change of eating habits, a change to become more open. A myriad of opportunities lie in order for us to move towards the light. In becoming and changing is of importance. We need to strive towards that which we wish to accomplish and dive into action, action which will lighten our load exactly and once we initiate our choice and disciplined decision to change, we are on our way.

It’s unimportant whether it’s a small or large change we want to achieve, don’t be concerned. Never comparing yourself with other individuals, as it is of no real value. Comparisons could be a good thing if and when we do compare ourselves with someone else and it helps us move forward and accomplish something which we’ve been yearning to do for a long time. Now, when the comparison is made and it only makes us want to be like the other individual and we become preoccupied with this notion and continue to self-devaluate ourselves, then this is of no value and won’t get us anywhere.

This is why we need to have self-acceptance and self-love for ourselves first and then and only then we are able to feel comfortable and learn from others without diminishing our own empowerment. Relying and learning from others is a good way of perceiving what we wish for ourselves and we may be able to emulate the behavior we so wish and bring it in for ourselves and transform slowly and surely.

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