Blessed we are every moment of our existence

Even if we are unaware of virtues we may own and treasure

We are intrinsic beings seeking love in all our pondering

Awaken to our brilliance once and for all

Remain aware, plead illumination

Ask for endurance of heart

Persist in receiving love above all

Remember our un-relinquishing faith

Continue our voyage whether it be maiden or not

Versing our life’s experiences as an exquisite phase

Full of love, light and daze

Grabbing patience by the face

All will be well at the end of our stay

Within us lies the frantic truth

In who we are, who we may become

It’s for us to see, for us to be.

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  • Martin Stout

    Beautiful! Love this writing-so warm and vital.

    • Coty Benrimoj

      Thank you Martin! I am just seeing this comment now. I am so glad this poem spoke to you. If you would like, please share one of your own poems below. I hope to read more of your work!