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“Everything which happens in life occurs to procure us a chance to learn and resolve our differences as well as our challenges and in consequence, we grow and develop.”

Why acceptance is crucial in living a peaceful existence is because if we do not decide to become accepting of circumstances, life happenings and things beyond our control, we are going against the flow of life and making ourselves disappointed, discontented and in a dismaying trance. I quote “trance” because we don’t want to wake up to “what is.”

An example might be that if we don’t accept a person’s passing because we loved them so much, or we thought it wasn’t time for that individual to pass on or maybe we think that the person could have had a certain cure and had survived longer, then we cannot and will not understand life and it’s reality. It is difficult at times to accept but we must.

When we go against the flow we contend with all sorts of unarresting feelings? Why make ourselves unhappy and why go upstream when downstream is obvious and better? The river of life has forks in it; it meanders up and down and has its twists and turns. We ought to be navigating life as if we were navigating on the river with its twists and turns, unknowingly and have faith in ourselves and others. After all, what can we do if something goes wrong in our thinking perception and God forbid we are not successful or things do not happen the way we designed them? “Everything which happens in life occurs to procure us a chance to learn and resolve our differences and accept our challenges. ​In consequence, we grow and develop.”

Acceptance in itself is a way of living with a fuller sense of reality toward becoming more understanding. In doing this, we gain peace with ourselves spreading it to all around us.

Another example: When we do not agree with a person’s viewpoint there’s a solution to end discord. We can agree to disagree. At the same time, if our perception of how a certain person is manipulating a situation for their own end, deterring us from doing our good, we may well intervene pointing out what we wish. Let them know we mean to do our will. We need not have them control us or outcomes pertaining to our beliefs as well as our actions. The solution is to work together and not against each other in new and forthcoming ideas for the good of all without having to claim any praise for ourselves but knowing that unity of mind and synergy is of the utmost importance to maintain a sense of peace and well as fortitude in a healthy living.

Be well, because, I am.

Coty Benrimoj

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