Perfect Imperfection

Perfect imperfection

Affection in times


Why not condense our stroll?

In any event, let go!

Beyond what it is to be confused

Perfect imperfection can do no harm

We are known to be this way at heart!

Non-the-less do what is right

Amiss or not you will find

Perfect imperfection doing its work

Always adhering to life’s demands

Unknowing or not if this is the way

Soothe yourself with one thing in mind

Perfect imperfection is the downright truth

To how we ponder through our truths

Claim it till the end

And never prevent this sure way

Because we are perfect in our imperfection, always and to the end

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  • JillMarie

    Yes, perfect imperfection we are!

    • Coty Benrimoj

      Thank you for your comment JillMarie! Just seeing this now. It is so meaningful to me to share these poems with you, who I know appreciates and understands them. Love you!